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10 Best Emoji Apps for Android 2018




We live in the 21st century where the medium of communication is no more limited to words! Today we have access to various kinds of emojis that help to convey our emotions to the other person sitting across some device. In the earlier days for communication, people used to write letters then came messaging and then emerged emojis which became an ultimate hit, especially among the youths. Before we move into the list of 10 best emoji apps for Android, let’s discuss briefly about emoji apps.

Emoji Apps

Emojis are very helpful when you are not in a mood to reply through words or are looking for something specific that has emojis included in it. Emojis are also used to add the finishing layer to a certain dialogue or sentence that we typed. It also helps us to save time by not typing much in sentences. Many other apps related to emojis are also available like launchers, makers etc.

Emojis Apps

Seeing such popularity of emojis, developers started making different types of emoji apps for Android. In this article, we have listed down top 10 emoji apps for Android.



First of the 10 Emoji Apps, This is one of the best emoji keyboards as it syncs with Gboard (Google keyboard), that means you can access the emojis of this keyboard from Gboard after installing it.  It has a huge library of stickers through which you can show your emotions.

You have to click your selfie and then convert it into an avatar with the various options available then your avatar will be used in all the stickers.

You can use Bitmoji stickers in Snapchat’s snaps to say much more, which is more convenient than writing long texts.

How to use Bitmoji in Gboard

use bitmoji in gboard



Flexsy holds Guinness book of records for the fastest keyboard in the world. You can type messages quickly using its various features, which you can check by downloading the app but I will be listing down the main features below.

Qwant is browser present on this app through which you can surf the web privately and also share stuff from there with your friends. 50+ themes are present on the app to enhance your keyboard. Many natural gestures are also present on the app.

Fleksy uses the higher level of technology for auto-correction, you can write without worrying of spelling mistakes. Many kinds of GIFs and stickers are present on the app which you can with your friends.



Facemoji contains 3500+ emojis, stickers and GIFs. Numerous keyboard themes are present on the app. Many emoji combos are present on Facemoji like “I love you” 👀❤️👉.

You can use the emoji maker present on the app to turn your face into emoji. The emoji maker has a plenty of various features for you to make the best emoji of your face.

Word prediction feature on this app predicts what the next word might be. You can customize your keyboard as you like. Example – add a picture of your self in the keyboard background etc.

Emoji Letter Maker

emoji letter maker

This emoji app is an amazing emoji letter making apps. Basically, this app writes letters with the help of emojis. You can choose the emojis to be used to create those letters. There are countless options present on the app to customize the letters.

Copy to clipboard option can be used to share the letters you have made with emojis.

This Emoji app has more than 1 million installs with 4.4 rating out of 5. You can use this app to impress anyone whom you love or like.

Emoji Launcher

Emoji Launcher

Emoji Launcher is the top-rated emoji launcher on the play store right now. This launcher comes with more than 500 emojis. With the help of this launcher, you can personalise your phone to a next level.

Each app’s icon will be given a different emoji depending on the app. There many 3D transition effects are present on the app which catch a lot of attraction of people.

This app enables you to adjust the icon size, font size and colour. Long press on the home screen to access the common features. It has an inbuilt Weather feature to find out the Weather of a location.

It has many features which include junk cleaner, notification cleaner, battery saver, boost, and CPU cooler.

ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard

ai.type emoji keyboard

ai.type is one of the best free emoji keyboard app available in the market. It allows you to customize the keyboard the way you like it, many options are present on the app for doing so.

Thousands of themes are available on the app to help you to personalize your keyboard according to your needs. This app gives you the opportunity to create your own customized keyboard layout and share it with your friends and also on the app so that others who like it, can download it.

This app gets an amazing feature known as AutoSuggest Emojis which suggests emojis depending on the word you have typed. Auto prediction too is available on the which supports all the languages present on the app.

This app allows you to have custom keys on the keyboard. You can also keep any image as the keyboard background.

ai.type has more than 10 million downloads and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 (More than 7 lakh people have rated the app).

Emoji Maker

Emoji Maker

This application lets you create your own custom emoji and share it with your friends to convey anything you want to. You can use the plenty of options available to create your custom emoji.

Options like hair colour, mouth, eyes, nose, lips etc can be used to create a unique emoji on the app.

A section on the app is present where you can see the creations of other users and also upload your own custom emojis.

Once you are done making your custom emoji, save and share it with your friends. Saved emoji will appear on the keyboard’s emoji section and you can share it from there too.

Animojis and AR Emojis are also present on the app which you can share with your friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

All the emojis you have saved can be found on your phone’s gallery.

Kika Keyboard

kika Keyboard

This another famous keyboard app on the play store with over 100 million downloads. More than 1600 emojis are present on the app.

Many cool themes are present of the app to make your keyboard look awesome just like you!

This keyboard app comes with voice typing input technology to type the words you speak.

Twemoji, Android Noughat emoji, glitter emoji etc are also present on the app. Japanese emojis (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))  area unique addition to this keyboard.

Kika Keyboard does not collect any of your data. They collect the words you type to improve the accuracy of next word prediction.

Variety of fonts and GIFs are present on the app. More 150 languages are present on the app which obviously is something amazing. Using the Voice board feature, you can type with your voice.

Autocorrect and next word prediction features are also present on the Kika Emoji Keyboard app.



Gboard is a keyboard app from Google. This keyboard app has the most downloads compared to other keyboard apps. It has 500 million downloads with the rating of 4.2 on the Google play store.

Glide typing technology allows you to type faster by gliding over letters to form a word with your fingers. Search the web with Google and share the top results directly from the keyboard.

Search for emojis using the Emoji search option present, making your work faster. You search GIFs to and share them with your friends.

Multilingual typing auto-corrects words which are there in the enabled languages, helping you do your work conveniently. You translate your text while typing using Google Translate. A huge number of emojis and stickers are present for you to share with your friends.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard app has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 where 3 million people have rated the app. This keyboard app supports over 300 languages.

Using Artificial intelligence, swiftkey app learns the style of your writing including the emojis which you use the most. Huge collection of emojis and stickers is present on the app. GIFs are also present on the keyboard app.

More 80 themes are present on the app. This huge collection of themes can help you personalize the keyboard as you want. You can also set the colours, background image etc of the keyboard.

Auto-correct and next word prediction are also present on the app.

Final Verdict

This was the list of 10 Best Emoji Apps for Android! Comment below your favourite app from the list! There are many other apps which are related to emojis but to keep it short and simple, I have mentioned the best emoji apps only! If you would want me to add any other app to the list then just comment below. If you don’t own Android device then too you can download these apps on your pc using Koplayer.

Comment below if you have any queries related to this post and do share it with your friends if you liked our article on emoji apps.

Founder of Device Bunch, Aashish choudhary is a tech geek who has been helping Device Bunch to grow bigger everyday. He works hard to bring in news which other blogs haven't covered and also looks over the content written by our team members.

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