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How To Install Remix OS on Your Pc




How To Install Remix OS on Your PC

Install Remix os

Install Remix os

Have you ever imagined Android on your Laptop or PC? Do you wish that you could get the same features of Android at least once on your PC? If you ever had thoughts like that and we are sure you would have had then this post is a must-read for you. Today, we are going to discuss about Remix OS. What is it? What does it do? Where can I get it? All these things will be answered in this article.So without wasting any more time let’s get started with our article on How to Install Remix OS on Your PC.

What is Remix OS?

Remix OS is a discontinued operating system which lets you experience Android platform on your PC/Laptop for absolutely free of cost. It’s developed by a company known as Jide, which consists of former Google employees who were also indulged with Google at the time of making of Android for touch devices.  (Fun Fact: Android was originally coded for a non- touch device but later on it was modified for touch devices only). Well, you may ask me, what is the difference between this Remix OS and other Android players out there like Bluestacks, NOX player, etc? There’s  a huge amount of difference between this OS and other normal players out there.

The first and the most basic difference is that Remix OS is made with keeping mouse and keyboard in mind for which Android was never made. It has an Android feel with some of the features of the desktop. Some of the people say this a clone of Windows 10 equipped with an Android platform.


Let’s take a look at some of the interesting features of Remix OS. These features should surely urge you to get this software for your Windows, Mac or Linux device. Anyways, keep reading to know more.

1) It features a Start Menu which is not exactly a Start Menu. Confused? Well, its an App Drawer located as the Start Menu as you get to see in Windows 10. You will be able to find all your favorite apps out there. It also has got an inbuilt search feature to locate your apps faster and easily.

2) It goes totally to Android OS! The sites are also loaded in mobile version view. Frankly speaking, even I didn’t think that they would go into too much detail. But, by chance, if you don’t like to view the websites in mobile version then you are free to switch to the Desktop version by selecting the option,” Request Desktop Site” from the Settings of Google Chrome. The next time you visit any site, you won’t have to select the option again. Your option will be set as a preferred option till you don’t make any change.

3) It also features a RAM management software which will help you to clear cache and RAM use from time to time.

4) It features an awesome taskbar as seen on Windows 10. You can easily pin apps to it by right-clicking on an application and choosing the option “Pin to the taskbar”

5) Do you need a notification drawer in it? Well, you asked for it and here it is! The company has also added a notification drawer to Remix OS which can be accessed by clicking on the bottom right of the taskbar. The notification drawer is just like any other drawer of Android device. You will get to see notifications of different kinds which includes messages, reminders, emails, etc.

That much should be enough for you to get convinced to install Remix OS on your hard drive. If you are still not convinced, then comment down below as we will provide you more amazing features of the operating system. These were only some of the main ones!

Let’s now learn to install Remix OS on your PC or Laptop. Before we begin the main setup, let’s ensure we have got our minimum requirements covered.


According to Jide, your system should have the following features/specifications for it to run Remix OS properly:

  • 2 GB OF RAM
  • 2.0 GHz dual-core processor.

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How To Install Remix OS On Your Hard Drive?

1) First of all, head to Remix OS’s website and download your correct bit version of Remix OS.

2) After you have successfully downloaded your zip file, extract it to a good place on your hard drive.

3) Once you have successfully extracted the file, you will get to see many files inside it. Locate the .exe file installer and run it as administrator.

4) Next, the installation window will open. Here, you have to first locate your ISO file and then under Type choose “Hard Disk” & Target drive should be some unused partition of your system. We mostly prefer to install it directly on C:  Don’t worry, it won’t overite your current operating system. 

5) Proceed by clicking on “OK”. After this, select your System Size. (Tip: If you have a lot of sufficient space available,  then choose 32GB only.)

6)  Select “OK” and wait for the installation wizard to complete the installation process.  Once done, click on “Reboot Now”.

7) While your PC is getting rebooted, press the key to enter the boot menu. Make sure you enter the Windows Boot Manager. From here, you will be able to choose  Remix OS.

8) Once you are inside the OS, you will have to just complete some of the setting up the process like you do in your Android devices which includes selecting of language, choosing apps, Activating Google Play, etc.

9) Boom!  You have successfully installed Remix OS alongside your regular operating system.

How To Install Remix OS On USB?

Well, the process through USB is exactly simple and same as the above-mentioned process.  The only difference is that, at the time of installation, you will select USB Drive under Disk Type and then will accordingly choose the drive letter associated with your USB.


That brings us to the end of the guide which aimed to teach you to install Remix OS on your device for free. The best part is, the Android-based operating system, has been designed in such a way that it runs on many old powered devices also very smooth. We hope you liked reading our exclusive guide. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends and comment down your views.

Founder of Device Bunch, Aashish choudhary is a tech geek who has been helping Device Bunch to grow bigger everyday. He works hard to bring in news which other blogs haven't covered and also looks over the content written by our team members.

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